Online Casino Poker

This is the continuation of the article regarding rules that govern online casino poker. Learn more about the game and have fun!

Disconnect all-in
This is an automatic feature of an online casino poker, in which the system automatically takes over the disconnected player’s hand. This is done in fairness to the player who is being disconnected from the server and cannot act accordingly to the call of the game in due time. The disconnect all-in rule differs from a standard all-in in a manner that the former doesn’t require an additional funds to go all-in. All players however is limited only to one disconnect all-in privilege per day.

Sitting out
A privilege that lets the player sit out without actually leaving the table provided the player must post the schedule when they return. This privilege is cancelled only after the player has missed three big blinds. The players are allowed to have indefinite sit outs, provided they were able to make their big blinds.

Slow play
An online casino’s decision whom to be tagged as one. This is given to the player/s who constantly affects the pace of the tables. This is a ground for permanent removal or banning of the player to the site.

A small percentage charged by an online casino as a fee for the online poker room. It is being drawn from the pot. Only online poker tournament is not raked, however, a small buy-in fee is charged instead.

An initial amount required before you can sit down on the table. Usually a buy-in is ten times the size of the lowest bet limit.

Now that you have learned all the rules, come out and play! Remember you play not only to have fun but to win if possible.